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Gus Chavez
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El bello maestro 👏. Keep up the good work brother.
James Edward
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I would definitely Highly recommend you I know some teachers want to get Trained I’ll make sure they come to you🇺🇸👍❤️
Shawn Lindo
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Well today is a big day, got my concealed weapons & firearms license. if you're going to own a gun or want to own a gun make sure you do it the right way, so that's what I did got my license for concealed weapons or firearms license to do the same😉😉
Joann Williams
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Amazing class!! Comfortable setting and very informative.
Marnie Woodson
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Yesterday’s class was FRIST RATE 🎉🏆. Thorough presentation, great personality. Welcoming. Eased all nerves. Informational.
Andy Balasis
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Took the class yesterday .. Lou was great. Easy learning style.
DeJan Pesut
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He's the best.
William Alonzo Dames
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These guys are very professional. I've seen them operate.. Very smooth operators..
Mark Oneal
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Lou you're just the man for the job... Very professional and knowledgeable... And everybody loves that smile... Thank you for teaching my daughter the ropes she is still carrying her Glock with confidence...!
Ashley Vaccaro
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Thank you!!! Very informative and I absolutely feel more comfortable now!
Jessica Brown
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Thank you so much!!!!! You're a great instructor! I got a 🎯 my first shot! 👍🏼🔫 I learned so many things today. Heather Brown really enjoyed the class as well! Thanks again!
Allison Dicks
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Can’t recommend Palm Beach Personal Protection Group enough! I recently took the Basic Firearms course for the concealed carry permit and it was so helpful and informative! Lou explained everything you need to know about applying for the permit and basic firearm safety. Extra bonus that he has an extensive background in law enforcement and training to supplement the course and answer any and all questions you may have. After the class, Lou brings everyone to the range to practice and individually helps you to feel comfortable and empowered while shooting. I recommend this class to anyone looking to apply for a concealed weapons permit or as a refresher course if you need it with some extra range time. Thanks again Lou!
JD Haslup
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Couldn't think of a better person to be teaching!! Guys a pro and well he looks sexy doing it too.
Megan M.
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Thank you! You did a great job Lou, you made the class clear and easy to understand. Today was my first time shooting so it was definitely intimidating how powerful and loud guns are. But you and your instructor gave me the education I needed to be safe.
First Time Shooter
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I enjoyed the class a lot. I walked away from it feeling safer, with a healthier respect of the damage it can cause. Lou was a good speaker, knew the material well and I wasn’t bored at anytime. I personally would like to hear more real life scenarios, they are always fun to hear. The shooting was fun, and I actually now know what I need to practice on, so in all it was excellent. Thank you!
Tommy M.
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Lou is hands down the best! His class was so helpful and informative. He is such a pleasant instructor and coach to learn from and the most knowledgeable in the field. He really made us feel much more comfortable and confident using, holding and carrying numerous handguns. We learned all the necessary and important key requirements to use a handgun while feeling comfortable and safe. I walked out of the class feeling much more confident in the skills and protocols for handling and using a handgun.

Basic Gun Safety Course

This course is designed to teach each student the basic skills necessary to own and maintain a firearm. Students start in a classroom setting where they learn or refresh their skills on the following:

Gun Safety

Revolver & Semi-Auto Nomenclatures

Firearms Maintenance

Single & Double Action Firearms


Loading & Unloading

Shooting Stances & Proper Posture

Single & Double Handed Grip

Mis-feeds, squib loads, and hang fires

Different Calibers

“I am fortunate to have 20+ years of Law Enforcement experience. In that time, I have had the opportunity to serve on the following specialized units in Palm Beach County. SWAT, Street Level Crimes, K9, and Organized Crime. Each of my students benefit from my years of patience, discipline, and professionalism.”

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