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Lou Maroto (1990) Owner/ CEO

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Courage. Discipline. Honor.

Lou was born and raised in Yonkers, NY, Westchester County.  After spending 2.5 years majoring in Architecture at the New York Institute of Technology, Lou enlisted in the United Stated Marines Corps.

From 1990 to 1994, Lou served proudly in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm I and Desert Storm II. After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Military, Lou moved to Southeast Florida. In 1996 Lou began his career as a West Palm Beach Police Officer. Lou has since served on numerous elite units within the Department. 

From 1998-2001, Lou worked in the H.O.P.E Team (High Oriented Police Enforcement).  As a result, he focused on the city’s most problematic areas. In 2001 Lou, became a member of the West Palm Beach Police Departments’ SWAT Team. During this time, he also became a member of the Criminal Apprehension Team. Here, Lou worked countless hours doing surveillance and undercover operations in conjunction with Federal Agencies.

Thanks to his specialized training, Lou is qualified to operate multiple weapons within the Police Department. Serving as a member of the SWAT team for 17 years, he qualified for the following: 

  • H&K MP-5 .40 
  • H&K G36  .223 rifle 
  • Glock .40 
  • Colt M4 rifle .223 
  • Binnelli shotgun
  • SAGE less lethal weapon 
  • Multiple gas fired weapons


While assigned to SWAT, Lou executed hundreds of high level narcotics and violent felon warrants.  He served on the Robbery Task Force and was involved in high stress encounters with felons.

Lou then became certified in Dignitary Protection. His certification was conducted by prior SAS Military and USMC Force Recon Instructors with the TEES Dignitary Protection School. Since then, Lou has protected domestic government dignitaries. His experience includes assisting the U.S. Secret Service on several occasions. Including but not limited to detail for the First Lady, Hillary Clinton, in Palm Beach County.

In 2002, Lou was transferred to the Organized Crime Section. There, he worked multiple undercover cases. In that time, Lou dealt with Mexican Cartels and numerous street level drug dealers. Lou also worked in conjunction with DEA, FDLE and ATF Agents. Until 2007, Lou conducted multiple hours of surveillance and counter surveillance.

In 2008, Lou became a member of the K9 Unit. In order to do so, Lou had to resign from the SWAT Team. In his time with the K9 unit, Lou and his partner IKE apprehended multiple violent felons. In January of 2009, Lou and his partner IKE assisted local Law Enforcement in conducting a narcotics search on a vessel. K9 IKE alerted authorities about 92 Kilos of Cocaine hidden inside the vessel. The drugs held an estimated street value of 2.6 million dollars.

From 2009-2017, Lou and his K9 partner initiated the West Palm Beach Police Narcotics Interdiction Unit. In that time, the pair conducted hundreds of traffic stops and K9 sniffs. As a result, the team located large amounts of narcotics and currency.

From 2017- present, Lou has served within the West Palm Beach Police Departments’ Training Division. 


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